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Why We're The Industry Leaders in Audiobook Production?

Self-published authors want an affordable and quick way to turn their e-books or printed books into audiobooks. Skip the high costs and long wait times. Book Publishing Lab offers over 50 voices in many languages and dialects, making the audiobook creation process as simple as possible. And it gets better – we'll help you sell your audiobook through our platform, where you'll earn top royalties.


Audiobook Samples

Want to listen to parts of our audiobooks? Click below to hear a sample read by the author or a professional narrator. Think about how great your own audiobook will sound!

Narrator: Mason Jackson (US)
Narrator: Juliet Baker (US)
Narrator: Tina Woods (US)
Narrator: Hubert Grant (UK)
Narrator: Carly Kawin (UK)
Narrator: Pedro Garcia (SP)
Narrator: Paola Moreno (SP)
Narrator: Carly Owen (UK)

The Genre We

You don't have to be worried about your book genre. We are catering to all types of books for audiobook publishing. Have a glimpse below about the genre we offer:

These are just a few of our offerings!

Why Do You Require An Audiobook Version?

Everyone doesn't enjoy reading, and the audiences are converting to book listeners very quickly. To increase your sales, you need a good audiobook publishing company. In order to:

Reach a Wider Audience

Audiobooks appeal to busy people who may not have time for traditional reading, expanding your potential readership.

Make Reading Accessible

Audiobooks are a fantastic option for those with visual impairments or reading difficulties, making your work more inclusive.

Increase Your Revenue Streams

Audiobooks create an additional source of income, expanding your book's earning potential across various platforms.

Offer Readers Choice

Some people simply prefer listening! Provide the option for readers to experience your story in their preferred format.

Enhance the Storytelling Experience

A talented narrator adds a new dimension to your book, delivering a unique and captivating listening experience.

The Benefits We Provide

We streamline our objectives with the help of our battle-tested process, never compromising on quality.


Talented Narrators

The right narrator can make or break your audiobook. We have a huge selection of professional narrators to find the perfect voice for your story. Our experts also make sure the audio sounds refined and enjoyable to listen to.


Good Quality

Cheap audiobooks often sound amateurish. With us, narrators focus on telling your story well, while our engineers ensure the audio is high-quality. No distracting noises or uneven sounds.


Optimized for Headphones

Most people listen to audiobooks with headphones. We make sure your audiobook sounds clear and removes annoying mouth sounds or background noises that headphones can pick up.


Full Satisfaction

We're committed to creating audiobooks you'll be proud of. Our focus is on quality and making sure your audiobook is a success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of some questions related to audiobook publishing that might come to your mind:

  • Will any book work as an audiobook?

    Yes, as long as the book has a compelling narrative or offers valuable information that listeners can easily absorb and enjoy in audio format.

  • How many people listen to audiobooks?

    Audiobooks are very famous, and every year, their market grows very quickly.

  • Why should I turn my book into an audiobook?

    Audiobooks can help sell more copies of any version of your book because they are easy to use, convenient, and available to more people.

  • What formats does an audiobook offer?

    Audiobooks offer downloadable MP3 files and streaming options.

  • How long does it take to make an audiobook?

    Expect the process to take between a few weeks and two months, depending on how long the book is.

  • If I sell my audiobook, will I get to keep the money?

    Yes! You keep all the money that comes in from selling audiobooks.

  • How much does it cost to make an audiobook?

    The cost of making an audiobook depends on a number of things, such as how long the book is, the genre, and how many languages you publish it in.

  • Where can I sell my audiobook?

    A lot of big platforms, like Amazon, Apple Books, Google Play, and more.

What Our Clients Say

Read out our clients' reviews on our audiobook publishing services.

I was nervous about turning my book into an audiobook, but Book Publishing Lab made it so easy! They helped me find the perfect narrator, and the whole process was super smooth. Now, I have even more people enjoying my story.

Noah Davis

Honestly, I wasn't sure if an audiobook was worth the investment. But I'm SO glad I went with Book Publishing Lab. My sales have increased and I'm reaching a whole new audience who wouldn't have found my book otherwise.

Olivia Williams

As a busy person, I love audiobooks, so I knew I had to make one for my own book. Book Publishing Lab was super helpful and their prices were way more reasonable than I expected.

Alex Miller

I'm not very tech-lover, but the team at Book Publishing Lab walked me through every step. I'm really proud of how my audiobook turned out, and it sounds so professional.

Emily Johnson

I have a few books out already, but I wanted to try audiobooks. Book Publishing Lab made the process painless, and the finished product is amazing. Highly recommend them.

John K